Commercial Lighting Services
in Raleigh NC

Commercial Lighting Services
in Raleigh NC

Most businesses use outdated lighting technologies. This results in everything from less-than-safe working conditions to larger utility bills.

Fortunately, the many disadvantages of aging lighting technology can be easily eliminated by upgrading to commercial LED lighting. We specialize in efficiently and effectively eliminating the problems associated with fluorescent and HID lighting.

Let’s take a closer look at the problems with older lighting technologies, the advantages of LED.

Commercial Lighting Services Raleigh NC - Energy Audits, Control Systems

Our LED Lighting Capabilities

  • We visit the site (building, parking lot, parking deck) and survey the existing lighting, documenting all characteristics.
  • We determine utility rebate eligibility, and projected energy and maintenance savings.
  • We provide a Photometric Analysis where necessary to ensure light coverage is adequate and to determine if additional lighting is necessary.
  • We provide a comprehensive proposal with ROI calculation and detailed scope of work showing proposed replacements by location.
  • We furnish and install the replacement lighting and where necessary install new lighting, i.e., parking lot poles and fixtures.
  • We submit the rebate application and ensure the check is received by the client.
  • We maintain the lighting after installation.

What are the Inherent Problems with Aging Lighting?

Fluorescent and High Intensity Discharge (HID) are the predominant light sources in commercial buildings, warehouses and parking lots. 

These older technologies typically produce omnidirectional light – which means only a percentage of the light produced is used for illuminating the intended target, and more powerful lamps and reflectors are needed to provide adqeuate illumination.

 They often produce unfortunate side effects like flickering and offensive coloration. This can lead to health issues, and unnecessary eyestrain, impacting productivity. And they require regular replacement – lamps a typically replaced at three year intervals and lumen output degrades dramatically over that period. It’s not uncommon in large buildings to see one ore more maintenance employees whose sole function is relamping and re-ballasting. 

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What Are The Advantages
of LED Lighting?

Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) distinguish themselves from fluorescent technologies by virtue of the fact that the process of producing light by exciting hazardous gasses is eliminated. Light is created when low voltage current is used to energize the diodes.

Among its greatest benefits is the fact that LED is so much more efficient. Commercial LED lighting uses a fraction of the energy consumed by older technologies.

The light is more unidirectional and can easily be focused on the surface(s) requiring illumination.

Because LED lumen output can be maintained for much longer periods, your employees and customers will enjoy a more inviting atmosphere, and heightened safety and security, for many years to come.

Finally, LED dominates traditional lighting by virtue of its reliability. When our diodes are subjected to industry standard testing, the projected life expectancy is 200,000 hours. That means they’ll illuminate the average building for 20+ years.


Contact The John Riley Group Today
to learn more about how LED lighting can help your business succeed.

Contact The John Riley Group Today
to learn more about how LED lighting can help your business succeed.

What are Commercial Lights?

Commercial office lighting differs from other types of lighting. Commercial lighting may have higher initial costs to install but lasts much longer because of its durability and increased energy-saving features.

Whether you’re looking for commercial lighting in office buildings, general or retail stores, or private or non-private institutions such as schools, universities, or government buildings, we’ve got you all covered. The John Riley Group is a trusted commercial lighting company near North Carolina in Harnett, Johnston, Franklin, and other areas to light up commercial spaces.

Our lighting solutions are designed and manufactured for ultimate performance and long runtimes, having a stronger finish with higher resistance to wear and tear.

We understand that commercial spaces are high-activity spaces; thus, lighting must be suitable for how the building space is used. For people to work and perform better, you must consult a professional lighting company to make sure your lux level requirements and energy-saving options are taken care of. Let The John Riley Group assist. Our commercial office lighting lasts much longer because of its durability and energy-saving features.

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Why is Proper Commercial Lighting Important?

If you own a commercial building, you probably have hundreds of employees working. Whether it is an office, warehouse, healthcare, or retail store, your employees or customers spend hours every day, and the right lighting can make a huge difference for employees and customers.

Safety & Wellness

Poorly imbalanced indoor lighting can reduce employee productivity and cause health issues such as eyestrains, lethargy, and inattention. Poor commercial lighting outdoors can also be a safety hazard causing people to fall or slip, resulting in serious medical emergencies. That’s when a high-quality commercial lighting solution can ensure safety and wellness at the workplace.


While natural light is the most beneficial, it is not always available. However, commercial lighting fixtures interior can mimic natural light properties by using layered lighting. Good lighting creates a healthier and enjoyable workspace, boosting focus and well-being that translates into better moods and mental health.

Save Energy & Money

Commercial LED office lighting can help all your lighting needs while saving you lots of money. High-quality lighting fixtures increase long-term energy conservation, reducing your electricity bills considerably. These lighting fixtures also require less maintenance and servicing. Another reason to consider commercial LED lighting is that these also come with warranties and rebates that save extra expenses when replacing damaged or used lighting fixtures.

Outdoor Landscaping

If your commercial property is built around a beautiful natural landscape, you can enhance its ambiance using commercial lighting to create attractive focal points, highlight trees and other decorative installations, dramatic silhouettes, and other lighting effects. Consult us today for commercial outdoor lighting installation in Person, Cumberland, Wayne, and other areas in North Carolina

We Deal With All Types Of Commercial Led Lighting Installation Services

Modern LED lights are designed in various ways to cater to the needs of commercial spaces, and their applications can be both exterior and interior. To learn more about the types of led lights available for your building, read the following. If you are looking for commercial lighting installation services near North Carolina, be sure to reach us, and we’ll take care of all your lighting needs.

LED Panel Lights

LED panel lights are modern commercial lighting indoor panels and are a top choice to replace fluorescent lighting fixtures in offices, schools, and retail stores. These lights are long-lasting, maintaining high lumen and CRI while throwing down glare-free luminosity. These light panels are highly practical and have very low-heat emissions, saving energy costs in air conditioning and electricity consumption.


Especially useful in both outdoor and indoor spaces, LED PAR 38 can replace any halogen bulb with its direction light throw, smooth dimming, and resistance to exposed wet weather conditions. They are simple to install with screw-ends and are commonly used in outdoor/indoor galleries and for highlighting merchandise.

LED Highbays

Perfect for high-ceiling locations, LED Highbays are highly energy-efficient to light your warehouses, gyms, barns, and workshops. With no UV emittance or mercury, these highways offer broad light distribution as well as high-intensity light and can also be controlled from the ground via remote control. High practical for commercial applications and exterior building lighting, highbays accentuate monuments, pathways, and landscapes, including bigger areas such as stadiums.

LED Spot Lights

If you use halogen globes, consider replacing them with versatile LED spotlights such as GU10 and MR16. These flat-shaped, with options for narrow and wide beam lighting fixtures, are highly energy efficient while incredibly bright with 100+ lumens per watt.

LED Downlights

Mostly installed in workspaces with narrow ceiling space, downlights are directional to provide enhanced accent lighting. LED downlights are compact, can retain heat dissipation, and are dimmable. If you own a hotel, cafe, or shopping mall, be sure to replace your old halogen downlights and gimbals with commercial lighting LED downlights for incomparable energy efficiency. These are specifically available with higher lumen values for commercial settings.

LED Globes

Highly compact and installed in small places, LED globes are used for ambient lighting in all commercial buildings because these are omnidirectional, have a 90 lumens per watt-hour performance, and last up to 20 times longer, up to 35,000 hours. Expect substantial savings when replacing Halogen and CFL globes with led commercial light bulbs.

LED Battens

Surface-mounted LED battens to consume less energy and electricity while directly installed onto ceilings, walls, building exteriors, or parking spaces. These commercial lighting fixtures exterior is commonly used in all types of commercial spaces such as garages, workshops, car parks, emergency stairwells, and storage areas and come with additional optimization capabilities of timers, photosensors, and motion sensors.

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