How do I choose a commercial lights?

Lighting systems or fixtures created specifically for use in commercial spaces are known as commercial lights. These lights can be used in a variety of places like offices, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, and other commercial places. These lights differ as their intended purpose is to meet the specific lighting requirements of a commercial space. Residential buildings require different lighting solutions in comparison.

Commercial lighting comes in a variety of options including fluorescent lights, LED lights, track lights, etc. However, LED lights are the most commonly used kind. In this article, we will help you understand how you can choose the best commercial lighting solution for your needs.

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Uses of commercial lights

Commercial lights, as the name suggests, are designed to meet the needs of commercial spaces. In general, they are much more energy efficient than regular house lights and are even much more long-lasting. These types of lights serve many purposes which we will discuss in detail in this section.

Commercial lighting options serve multiple industries and are useful for a large number of diverse applications. They help create a desired ambiance for the retail sector, they promote safety and clear visibility which is crucial for the healthcare and hospitality sector, and much more. Let’s see some of the uses of these lights:

  • Retail Applications: Though it may not seem like it at first thought, lights play a significant role in encouraging consumers to buy products. Bright lighting makes products look much more appealing, driving customers to make more purchases. As such, commercial lights play a major role in the retail industry. Sectional lights can be used in stores to bring certain products into the limelight, attracting more customers, and thus driving up sales.
  • Applications in Offices: Good commercial lighting has been noted to increase productivity in office spaces. It has been noted to promote a more relaxed ambiance and reduce strain on the eyes which drives up employee efficiency as well. Commercial lighting near Greensboro, NC can be seen across all office spaces because of these advantages that they serve. By providing adequate illumination, these lights save workers from glares, shadows, and other drawbacks of residential lighting.
  • Hospitality Sector: The hospitality sector consists of hotels, bars, cafes, restaurants, etc. These places are trying to sell you a specific kind of ambiance. As such, commercial lights play a big role in helping them attain their goals. For example, bars have a dark ambiance with dim lights to promote patrons to drink more and enjoy the overall environment. This is achieved with the help of LED lights. Decorative lights like chandeliers are used by places trying to achieve a more upscale and intimate look.
  • Healthcare Industry: In the healthcare sector, particularly hospitals and clinics, commercial lights like LED lighting solutions are pivotal. They allow the doctors and staff to see the patient by promoting optimal visibility. Additionally, the vibrant lights create a more soothing environment for the patients that helps them remain relatively calmer. LED lights which have adjustable lighting feature
  • Educational Institutions: Promoting learning is the biggest task that educational institutions have to undertake. While employing qualified teachers is the main task, creating an environment that fuels young minds to stay alert and learn more is also important. For this purpose, commercial lights play a very important role. These lights come with adjustable settings which can be altered to promote optimal learning and fewer distractions.
  • Industrial Usage: Various industries and industrial warehouses require bright lighting systems to allow workers to do their work properly. For instance, in a warehouse, taking inventory is one of the main tasks. Lack of proper lighting can hinder this task, leading the warehouse supervisors to place orders incorrectly. The lights in these places run almost 24 hours, which also necessitates having energy-efficient lights, which LED lights and other commercial lights are designed for.

Benefits of Choosing Commercial LED lights

 Commercial lighting near Fayetteville, NC has become super popular in recent years. While diversified applications are a leading driver of this growing popularity, another reason is the many benefits that these lights provide. Within the commercial lighting segment, LED lights have gained the most popularity in the last few years.

The main benefits of these lights are as follows:

  • Energy Saving: Commercial lighting solutions, particularly LED lights are tremendously energy efficient. They use nearly 75% less energy or power than conventional lighting sources. This implies that businesses can make significant savings on their energy bills, thereby increasing the profit margin. This also allows commercial users to reduce their carbon footprint which is the need of the hour.
  • Long-lasting: Commercial lights are typically designed to last much longer than conventional lights. LED lights for example can last nearly twenty-five times more than traditional lights like incandescent bulbs. A commercial lighting company near Durham, NC would always advise a commercial place to install commercial lights to prevent spending on repeated light changes.
  • Sturdiness: Commercial lights, particularly LED lights are designed to endure harsh and unfavorable environments, This is the reason that they are ideal for industrial settings. In terms of sturdiness, these lights are rarely affected by vibrations, tremors, shock, and extreme temperatures. Given these features, it is safe to say that these lights present a reduced risk of failure or malfunction.
  • No Warm-up: Commercial lights and in particular LED lights are quick to turn on. They do not need to warm up for a few seconds, leaving you in the dark. These lights turn on instantly, and at their maximum brightness. This is also beneficial as commercial users do not need to turn the lights on in advance and can simply turn them off when not needed without worrying about wasting time waiting for them to warm up for their next use.
  • No more Overheating: Traditional lights and bulbs are infamous for overheating very easily. If they heat up too much, they can also short-circuit and die easily. Commercial lights pose no such threat. They are much safer, and they do not overheat, allowing an overall safer environment.
  • Color Rendering Index: The color rendering index refers to the ability of the lights to produce colors in a precise manner. This is an especially crucial feature required for the retail and hospitality industries. Commercial lights provide a high CRI which means that products shown to customers would appear much more vibrant and true in color.
  • Design options: Commercial lights like LED lighting solutions come in a vast array of designs, colors, shapes, and sizes. So clients can find something to meet their exact needs. Different clients do not need to worry about having to adjust to what is available in the market as there is a large pool of options to choose from. A commercial lighting company near Greensboro, NC can help you assess your needs and offer the best solutions easily.
  • Adjustable: Do the words vibrant and bright turn you off? Well, don’t worry. Commercial lights are adjustable, which means you can easily control how bright or dim you want your surroundings to be. If you are more comfortable with dimmer lights, you can easily dim the settings.
  • Less Maintenance Required: Maintenance costs can be a significant investment when it comes to light commercial spaces. This is true if you install traditional bulbs or lights. Commercial lights are quite long-lasting and sturdy and do not require as much maintenance either. This can allow you to save a lot of money.

Choosing the right commercial LED lights

 Since they are becoming more and more popular every day, LED lights are now also available in a wide variety. This variation is not restricted to the shapes and designs, but also their wattage, color temperature, CRI, and much more. This wide variety can easily confuse anyone who has no experience in buying commercial LED lights. In such a case, you can avail of the services of a commercial lighting company near Fayetteville, NC.

Some factors that must be assessed when choosing the right commercial LED lights for your requirements include:

  • Wattage: Wattage is commonly known as the measure for determining how vibrant the lighting fixture would be. However, that is not the case. Lumens is the unit of measure that will help you determine how bright the light would be. On the other hand, wattage is an indication of how much energy the light fixture would consume. So, when selecting commercial lights, you would want to choose one which has a high lumens measure and low wattage.
  • Adjustability: Adaptability of commercial lights or LED lights is a significant consideration when deciding which one to buy. While in most cases bright lights are preferred, you would want to invest in lights that can be dimmed as well to suit specific needs. The ability to control the brightness also allows you to adjust the lights as per the time of the day.
  • Price: Commercial LED lights come in a wide range of options which also means that different options differ in price. The price variations can be based on a vast array of features. While you need to know your needs for your commercial space, you also need to know how big your budget is so that you do not end up overspending. When considering the price, also keep in mind the maintenance costs that various models come with.
  • Lifespan: In general, commercial LED lights last a long time. The lifespan however can vary based on the quality of the commercial lights. When determining the lifespan of the commercial LED lights, you would want to search for how many hours of run-time are ensured. It is best to invest in lights that have a lifespan of 50,000 hours at the least.
  • Energy conserving: Energy efficiency is one of the main advantages of commercial LED lights. Commercial spaces that install and operate multiple light fixtures at the same time are always concerned with power bills. Invest in a type of commercial LED light that is efficient in its energy consumption.
  • Warranty Coverage: Different LED lights manufacturing brands offer different warranty terms and periods. A comprehensive warranty that lasts a long time will free you of a lot of headaches and expensive maintenance and replacements. A commercial lighting company near Durham, NC can help you figure out the best lighting brand for your needs.

What is the cost of installing commercial LED lights?

 Worried about the costs that commercial LED lights come with? Given their strong benefits, these lights can be a little expensive when you set out to purchase them. However, they end up saving you money in the long run. The costs can vary depending upon a lot of factors, so there is no straight answer to how much the lights would cost you.

Prices of commercial LED lights usually vary depending on the brand, quality, wattage, installation complexity, and many other factors. In general, the price for installing these lights can go anywhere between $10 per bulb and $50 per bulb. The primary factors affecting this price fluctuation are the quality and features that the light fixture is offering.

In addition to the raw costs of the lights themselves, there are also installation costs or labor costs. Depending upon the size of the space that you wish to install the lights in, as well as the region you are located in, the costs can vary. Additionally, the complexity of the task, how long it would take to complete, and whether or not any additional hardware is required all factor into the price.

However, while it might seem overwhelming, in the long run, commercial LED lights require less maintenance and replacements, making them the better choice. 

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