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Older lighting in an industrial or distribution setting can be responsible for any number of problems, but safety and accuracy are at the top of the list. There may be no better example of how outdated lighting negatively affects the bottom line.

Repeated studies have shown that correctly deployed LED lighting will create a safer workplace and significantly reduce errors.

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The problem with Aging Lighting Technologies

The most common light sources in Industrial/Distribution settings are High Intensity Discharge (HID) and fluorescent.

  • The input wattage on a 400-watt HID highbay fixture is about 450 watts. In addition, HID lamps dramatically lose lumen output over a relatively short period of time.
  • Because of their elevation, replacing lamps and ballasts in these fixtures requires lift equipment that is expensive to rent or maintain.
  • The movement of lift equipment can cause production or merchandise pulling delays.
  • Fluorescent fixtures have a little longer life span but include their own set of problems. Although lumen degradation is not as accelerated with fluorescent, an aggressive relamping schedule must be maintained in order to keep work areas adequately lit.
  • When observing older lighting across a factory or distribution center floor, light output is typically very uneven, and ballast hum can be significant.

LED Lighting Can Significantly Improve Your Bottom Line

  • Better visibility will improve safety and reduce costly errors.
  • Our LED fixtures are guaranteed for five years and can be expected to perform without significant lumen degradation for twice that long.
  • Energy savings can be as high as 60%
  • In a factory or warehouse setting maintenance savings regularly eclipses energy savings.

We’ll survey your facility, develop a proposal with ROI calculations, install the lighting, and apply to the utility on your behalf for the project incentives. We have leasing programs that typically make your new lighting cash flow positive from day one.

Commercial Lighting Services Raleigh NC - Energy Audits, Control Systems

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