Industrial Lighting Services
in Raleigh NC

Industrial Lighting Services
in Raleigh NC

Industrial & Distribution LED Lighting Solutions

Older lighting in an industrial or distribution setting can be responsible for any number of problems, but safety and accuracy are at the top of the list. There may be no better example of how outdated lighting negatively affects the bottom line.

Repeated studies have shown that correctly deployed LED lighting will create a safer workplace and significantly reduce errors.

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The problem with Aging Lighting Technologies

The most common light sources in Industrial/Distribution settings are High Intensity Discharge (HID) and fluorescent.

  • The input wattage on a 400-watt HID highbay fixture is about 450 watts. In addition, HID lamps dramatically lose lumen output over a relatively short period of time.
  • Because of their elevation, replacing lamps and ballasts in these fixtures requires lift equipment that is expensive to rent or maintain.
  • The movement of lift equipment can cause production or merchandise pulling delays.
  • Fluorescent fixtures have a little longer life span but include their own set of problems. Although lumen degradation is not as accelerated with fluorescent, an aggressive relamping schedule must be maintained in order to keep work areas adequately lit.
  • When observing older lighting across a factory or distribution center floor, light output is typically very uneven, and ballast hum can be significant.

LED Lighting Can Significantly Improve Your Bottom Line

  • Better visibility will improve safety and reduce costly errors.
  • Our LED fixtures are guaranteed for five years and can be expected to perform without significant lumen degradation for twice that long.
  • Energy savings can be as high as 60%
  • In a factory or warehouse setting maintenance savings regularly eclipses energy savings.

We’ll survey your facility, develop a proposal with ROI calculations, install the lighting, and apply to the utility on your behalf for the project incentives. We have leasing programs that typically make your new lighting cash flow positive from day one.

Commercial Lighting Services Raleigh NC - Energy Audits, Control Systems
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Indoor Industrial Lighting

Industrial and manufacturing plant lighting involves designing and employing lighting solutions to improve safety and accuracy. If you are looking for warehouse lighting installations in Chatham, Harnett, Johnston, and other areas in North Carolina, The John Riley Group has experienced infrastructure experts who have been employing green technology to minimize energy consumption in large-scale industrial warehouses, manufacturing, and production plants. Learn more about what kind of industrial lighting LEDs are available in North Carolina, or let us find out the best lighting solutions for you.

High Bay & Low Bay Lighting

High Bay and Low Bay LED lighting can improve employee visibility by providing appropriate light levels on the ground and at workstations for factories and distribution facilities with large open spaces and high ceilings.

These lighting fixtures are commonly mounted directly to the ceiling, ceiling girder, or via a pendant or chain and are used for direct light and precise illumination.

Strip Fixtures

Versatile and used in many spaces, strip lighting fixtures distribute powerful and uniform light in large areas. These fixtures can be mounted to the ceiling or suspended in a variety of ways and are installed for both indoor and outdoor illuminations

Vapor Tight Lighting

Commonly known as wet location fixtures, vapor-tight lighting fixtures are sealed and gasketed luminaries for exposed environments where water, humidity, and dust are likely.

Available in lengths of 2ft, 4ft, and 8ft, these fixtures can be mounted on ceilings, soffits, and walls.


These fixtures are also known as recessed troffer lighting fixtures and are available in 1×4, 2×2, and 2×4 troffers.


Most workplace injuries happen in poorly lit stairwells, and it’s highly important to use lighting fixtures to illuminate these areas. Industrial lighting indoors using LEDs with sensor functionality can hugely reduce costs by only lighting up when these spaces are occupied.

Task Lighting

Task lighting and work lamps improve accuracy and employee productivity while adding to general illumination. Task lighting fixtures can also be installed with adjustable arms to give custom lighting for each employee when working on particular tasks such as packaging, food prep, chemical work, parts assembly, and more.

If you are unsure about what kind of warehouse lighting LEDs can be installed to maximize your employee productivity and safety, contact our lighting professionals at The John Riley Group in Raleigh, NC, for a free consultation and quote.

Outdoor Industrial Lighting

Commercial industrial outdoor lighting is essential for the visibility and safety of the premises. If you are located in Franklin, Person, Cumberland, and other areas in North Carolina, the John Riley Group can help you by using energy-efficient solutions for your lighting needs to reduce your energy costs. Our lighting experts can install or retrofit green technology for industrial lighting outdoors using LEDs with sensor features to optimize the run time of idle parking and high mast lights.

Parking & Area Lighting

LED lighting is the most cost-efficient solution for huge parking areas as it is vital to provide proper illumination for your employees to be safe when walking to their cars after long working hours.

High Mast lighting

High mast lighting fixtures illuminate spaces from a high mounting height to cover a large area and are used for huge shipping depots and large parking areas

Road & Tunnel lighting

With added resistance to vibration and hazardous location, road and tunnel lighting fixtures illuminate the space evenly, whether for cars, trains, trucks, or other transport vehicles moving in and out of a manufacturing plant. These fixtures are commonly mounted on poles in open or tunnel pathways.

Wall Pack Lighting

It’s important to illuminate the areas outside your building for visibility and safety. Wall Pack lighting fixtures are mounted on the exterior walls of industrial buildings and manufacturing plants for areas for vehicle and pedestrian use.

To understand your lighting needs better and install the best lighting solutions, consult the infrastructure experts at the John Riley Group in Wayne, Edgecombe, Nash, and other areas in North Carolina. Our professionals have tons of experience with industrial and manufacturing facilities’ lighting requirements and can replace legacy industrial lighting systems with green technology. We are also aware of all safety standards and protocols of risk-involved work conditions, such as hazardous and hygiene-sensitive industrial plants.

Hazardous Location Lighting

When dealing with areas involving risks of explosion or fire hazards due to the presence of explosive, flammable, or ignitable liquids, vapors, gasses, dust, or fibers, hazardous classified lighting fixtures may be used. Also, all lighting fixtures in hazardous locations are marked with a class, group, and operating temperature range as per required safety standards and protocols.

Vandal Resistant Lighting

Light fixtures with increased safety features to withstand impact, prying, tampering, shattering, and severe weather are known as vandal-resistant lighting fixtures and are vandal-proof and tamper-proof. These fixtures are installed with tamper-proof screws, aluminum or steel housings, and polycarbonate lenses.

Germicidal UV-C lighting

Germicidal ultraviolet light emits UV-C shortwaves to kill germs and illness-causing pathogens on high-touch surfaces and in the air to help keep your employees and food-processing manufacturing plants safe. UV-C is much safer than other chemical alternatives and doesn’t alter the density and healthfulness of foods. These lighting fixtures can prevent mold, sprouts, insects, etc., from infecting food and treat food packaging.

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