Commercial Lighting Audit
in Raleigh NC

Commercial Lighting Audit
in Raleigh NC

Lighting Audits

Other than normal evolutionary improvements, we’ve seen very little innovation in lighting technology in the last 50 years. And like most building systems, lighting is undergoing a profound transformation. LED represents a sea change that presents us with the opportunity to reduce our carbon footprint while dramatically improving the human experience.

A lighting energy audit is designed, among other things, to help you understand how much electricity is going to lighting. It can help pinpoint unnecessary expenditures, and pave the way for potential upgrades that will increase productivity and produce significant dollar savings.

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Without isolating and quantifying the lighting load it’s almost impossible to determine how much of your utility bill it represents. While rule-of thumb estimates typically place the lighting load at about 30% of total building energy consumption, that percentage can vary dramatically from business to business. The audit catalogues the amount and type of lighting, and defines fixture characteristics down to the number and type of lamps. We take light level readings, document fixture elevations, and determine the number of emergency fixtures in use. By taking into account daily burn hours, we can accurately determine your Kilowatt Hour lighting load. Finally, we compare our usage findings with samples of your electrical bills to verify the accuracy of our data.

Our audits tend to be much more detailed than those of our competitors. We look closely at how current lighting is used with an eye toward providing space enhancing improvements. We consult with your facility personnel regarding lighting issues, and what building inhabitants like and dislike.  

Audit data is used to provide an accurate 10-year picture of total lighting energy savings, as well as what you can expect in the way of maintenance savings. It also insures an accurate estimate of your total utility rebate.

An audit sometimes reveals deficiencies in your electrical infrastructure. Our certified electricians can address those deficiencies during the lighting upgrade.

Armed with the information gathered during the audit we can make vendor agnostic fixture upgrade recommendations that are catered to the specific requirements of your building.

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