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Lighting Control Systems

We are on the threshold of some of the most dynamic changes in lighting we may have ever witnessed. Companies like Cisco, with their Digital Ceiling initiative, are using Ethernet cable to power LED fixtures, eliminating traditional electrical infrastructure. With Power Over Ethernet we’re seeing the emergence of sophisticated, software-driven, lighting control systems.

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What are the Attributes of Intelligent Lighting Control?

  • Schedules/Policies can be established that control lighting at the individual fixture level.
  • Smart occupancy sensors can be deployed in offices or conference rooms that enable lighting shut off after no movement is detected for a defined interval.
  • A series of motion sensors can be deployed in corridors that allow lights to remain dim until motion is detected, facilitating “follow-me” lighting.
  • Sensors installed in spaces with natural light will “harvest” daylight and dim or brighten light levels as natural light increases or decreases.

This type of control became possible with the advent of LED. Powered by direct current, LEDs lend themselves to a network topology, and dimming and brightening are intrinsic diode characteristics.

Today, LEDs are being produced that have the ability to change color temperature. Control systems will enable the lighting to exhibit a softer appearance in the morning hours, and climb up the color spectrum as the day progresses. This process will complement our internal circadian biological clocks.

The John Riley Group can design and install a control system that will enable you to achieve whatever goals you have for intelligently lighting your building.

LED Applications Are Endless!