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Most parking lots have severely outdated lighting technologies. This results in everything from less-than-safe employee/customer experiences to much larger utility bills.

Fortunately, the many disadvantages of aging lighting technology can be easily eliminated by upgrading to commercial LED lighting. We specialize in efficiently and effectively eliminating the problems associated with the High Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting found in most parking lots.

Let’s take a closer look at the problems with older lighting technologies, the advantages of LED, and the ease with which our technicians can upgrade your lighting.

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What are the Inherent Problems with Aging Lighting?

The predominant light source in parking, HID, is usually either Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium.

The inherent problem lies in the fact that these older lighting technologies come with a unique set of problems that can reduce safety, result in inadequately lit outdoor spaces, and increase overall costs.

To better understand this, consider the following aspects of HID lighting:

  • Bulb output begins to deteriorate almost immediately after installation/replacement and can drop by as much as 40% after only 18 months.
  • Light output begins to “yellow” after a relatively short period of time, giving parking areas an uninviting and less-than-safe atmosphere.
  • Require regular replacement – HID lamps and ballasts must be replaced at short intervals if any semblance of a quality light environment is to be maintained.
  • The fact that the average HID parking lot fixture consumes 400+ Watts results in high utility bills. And parking lot lighting requires lifts in order to be maintained, significantly increasing maintenance costs.

What Are The Advantages of LED Lighting?

Better visibility, improved safety, and a much more welcoming atmosphere

Our LED parking lot fixtures are guaranteed for 10 years and will still be providing 80% of their original light output after 10 years.

Energy savings often surpass 70%.

Energy and maintenance savings are high and help contribute to short Simple Payback Periods.

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