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Effective lighting is crucial in a retail environment. The right lighting will create a warm, welcoming atmosphere, and insure that merchandise colors are brighter and more natural.

Many retail businesses, however, have not invested in upgraded lighting. As a result, they endure higher energy costs and the ongoing expense of constant relamping.

Let’s look at how investing in retail LED Lighting solutions can dramatically boost business while cutting costs.

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What are the Inherent Problems with Aging Lighting?

Outdated lighting creates an unnatural visual environment and is inherently inefficient as a light source.

Problems include:

  • Constant repairs – Fluorescent and High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamp lifespans range from as little as two years to about five years, and lumen output degrades rapidly over that period. In an effort to maintain a suitable lighting environment, costly relamping is a continual process.


  • Fluorescent and HID fixtures produce considerable heat. In a low-ceiling (10’ or less) environment, this will significantly increase cooling costs.
  • When relamping is not aggressively maintained, poor lighting can become a safety hazard, putting customers and employees at risk.
  • Unnatural or improperly maintained lighting has a direct impact on sales. Customers tend not to remain as long in these environments.

LED lighting can eliminate the problems inherent with legacy lighting systems.

What are the Benefits of
LED lighting in a Retail Environment?

  • Test after test in retail environments have shown that LED lighting greatly enhances color vibrancy, and with multiple color temperatures to choose from, owners can create environments that range from soft (yellow end of the spectrum) to eye opening (bluer end of the spectrum).
  • The elimination of irritating fluorescent flicker, and the hum caused by older ballasts, enhance the shopping experience and keep consumers in the store longer.
  • With a five year warranty and life expectancies exceeding 100,000 hours, our LED fixtures will provide many years of maintenance free operation.
  • Significantly lower heat dissipation translates to reduced cooling bills.

Consider the dramatic improvement in the retail experience, the virtual elimination of maintenance, lower cooling costs, and add to that the upgrade rebates offered by many utilities, and the case for LED becomes compelling.

 Schedule a survey today to get an accurate picture of what LED will cost to install and the ease with which it can contribute to a welcoming retail experience while reducing your operating costs.

Commercial Lighting Services Raleigh NC - Energy Audits, Control Systems

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