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Taking Advantage of Commercial
LED Lighting Opportunities

While many homeowners have made the switch to LED lighting over the last decade, commercial building owners have been more reluctant. Most people tasked with lighting commercial facilities adhere to rigid Return on Investment calculations.

 Fortunately, Return on Investment scenarios with LED are becoming so bullish that the case for upgrading is very attractive.

 Try the following tips for implementing a cost-effective upgrade:

Start with an Audit

Lighting strategies in commercial facilities vary greatly. But regardless of what type of legacy lighting you want to replace, the best place to start is a meticulous audit. The audit should document what you currently have at a granular level and produce an accurate picture of projected energy and maintenance savings, as well as what you can expect from the utility in the way of incentives.

The company you choose to audit your building(s) will make a huge difference. The more time and effort your partner is willing to commit, and the degree to which the characteristics of your current lighting are detailed, will greatly impact the accuracy of the audit.

At The John Riley Group we not only have the experience to provide you with a comprehensive, in-depth proposal, we’ve chosen manufacturing partners whose LED retrofit and new fixture offerings are extensive.

Upgrade Your Entire Facility

Although the case for an LED upgrade is compelling, most building owners have yet to make the investment.

If you’re uncertain which path to take once your audit is complete, The John Riley Group can give you the benefit of strategies we’ve used in Offices, Warehouses, Industrial Settings, and Parking Lots, and provide the merits of each approach. We’ll even suggest you talk with our existing customers to gain their perspective.

Each of our customers has taken an entire-facility approach.

Never Underestimate the Benefits of Improved Light Quality

Repeated studies have shown that employees and customers benefit greatly from improved light quality. Employees are more productive, make fewer mistakes, and no longer experience the health issues associated with fluorescent flicker. Customers are drawn to retail spaces where merchandise colors are vivid and natural.

A professional partner can document these benefits and provide an upgrade offering that best achieves these results.

A Reliable Partner is Crucial

There’s a huge disparity in quality among LED manufacturers, and pricing often leaves you scratching your head. The right partner has vetted the manufacturers he/she represents. The most promising way to build a business is showcasing the projects you’ve completed. We have to be very confident in the solutions we install, and ready to stand behind our warranties.

Deploying LED lighting at your commercial facility is one of the smartest decisions you can make. Identifying a Lighting partner who can provide an audit, offer the best value-based solutions, and stand behind their work upon project completion, will result in the best possible outcome.

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