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Use an LED Consultant
to Get the Best Outcome

As you consider the switch to LED lighting in your building(s), there are several factors that should be taken into consideration. A close examination of all the characteristics of your facility lighting will ensure the most successful outcome. That’s why it’s paramount that you partner with an LED lighting consultant like The John Riley Group.

Maximize Lighting Performance

Lumen Output, Color Temperature, Directional Throw, Uniformity, Distribution Cone – All factors that come into play when specifying LED lighting; and when properly specified will result in a dramatic improvement in the way your spaces are illuminated. Whether your goal is to improve employee productivity or create a welcoming environment for customers, stipulating the right fixtures is key.

Guarantee A Successful Outcome

There are hundreds of LED lighting manufacturers, and production shortcuts in the interest of reducing costs are rampant. The lighting industry is no different from so many others, where the product is available in any number of grades.

Working with an industry leader like The John Riley Group, you benefit from our knowledge regarding new luminaire quality and which fixture is best suited for each lighting application.

Prior to asking you to commit to a facility-wide install, if you’ve made it clear you’re ready to move forward, we’ll install trial fixtures to ensure we achieve exactly what you’re after.

Keep The Cost Reasonable

The capital outlay required for an LED upgrade can be significant, which makes it all the more important that you partner with a lighting firm that can help you avoid unnecessary pitfalls. We certify that the lighting we’re proposing will last as long as our projections indicate.

Diode manufacturers test the quality of their product immediately after fabrication. The diodes receive a “Bin” designation based on that testing. The diodes in our retrofits and fixtures test only at the highest Bin Level.

LED lighting is probably the most popular option available for building owners wanting to reduce their carbon footprint and working with the right partner will result in an installation of which you can be proud!

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