Commercial Lighting Services
in Raleigh NC

What Building Owners Need
to Know About LED Lighting

LED lighting technology has achieved a maturity level that eliminates all barriers to its adoption. Diodes are subjected to testing after manufacture and are assigned a quality designation based on the results. A top-grade diode has a life expectancy of >200,000 hours.

Whether used in a new fixture, or a retrofit, LEDs typically have the same footprint. The diodes are mounted in a prewired strip that facilities the flow of current to each one. Incoming building power is converted form AC to DC by an LED driver (LEDs are powered using low voltage, direct current).

Most of the questions building owners face when contemplating a lighting upgrade focus around choosing the right contractor.

We believe the best outcomes are attained when the vendor provides a turnkey service. Choosing a company with a successful track record tackling commercial building infrastructure projects is a great starting point. You should be able to visit completed projects and talk with existing customers.

Possibly not in recent memory has there been the disparity in quality we’re seeing with today’s LED offerings. A good vendor will be able to clearly explain his/her product’s origins, the component manufacturers used, and why it represents the highest quality available.

Your contactor should be able to demonstrate why his/her installation teams are qualified to perform the work, and that the necessary insurance coverages are in place. In addition to a strong product warranty, labor should be warranted for no less than one year.

Once the installation is complete, your contractor should submit the incentive application, and all the accompanying documentation, to the utility on your behalf. As part of that process the utility will ask you to certify that the installation has been completed to your satisfaction. The onus should be on your contractor to guide the application process until the incentive check is in your hands.

Learn How LED Lighting Will Improve Your Bottom Line.

To bring all of our considerable resources to bear on your unique lighting requirements, contact The John Riley Group today.

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