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Our houses of worship are wonderful candidates for the many attributes of modern lighting.

We work closely with lighting designers who can bring to bear the numerous benefits of architectural LED lighting to create a worship space in which you’ll be proud to conduct services, and where your congregation will enjoy an all-around higher quality experience.

Administrative offices and recreational spaces that often occupy as much square footage as worship areas can benefit from our fluorescent and High Intensity Discharge (HID) replacement technologies. Employees will be grateful for the enhanced quality of their workspaces (repeated studies have shown an improvement in cognitive skills and greater productivity). And LED-lit gymnasiums are safer and more economical to operate.

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What are the Benefits of Upgrading to LED:

  • In the worship space, greater lumen output can be achieved using much lower wattages than traditional luminaires. A 70 watt incandescent downlight can effectively be replaced with a 15 watt LED.
  • Traditional maintenance intervals (relamping), which can be as frequent as once every three years with legacy fixtures, can all but be eliminated. Our fluorescent and HID fixtures are guaranteed for five years and should realistically perform without maintenance for double that period.
  • Energy consumption is dramatically reduced (many congregations regard this as a form of stewardship).
  • The dollars saved can be used to fund projects that are more mission oriented.
  • Utility rebates, which we apply for on your behalf, can significantly reduce capital outlay.

What About the Cost of Upgrades?

We are familiar with the many aspects of decision making in a worship setting. We can help steer the project through the various committees that often require input, by being available to make presentations and field questions. It’s not uncommon to identify a group of individuals who’d enjoy seeing their one-time contribution create perpetual savings, and a greatly enhanced worship space that’s a weekly reminder of their generosity. If financing turns out to be the best option, our leasing programs regularly result in a project that is cash flow positive from day one.

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Contact The John Riley Group Today
To schedule a consultation. Our facility survey enables us to generate a proposal
that highlights all the benefits LED lighting can bring to your place of worship.

Contact The John Riley Group Today
To schedule a consultation. Our facility survey enables us to generate a proposal
that highlights all the benefits LED lighting can bring to your place of worship.

Church Lighting Design

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Modern church lighting employs different lighting techniques to create dynamic effects; The John Riley Group is an expert in interior lighting installations near North Carolina in Person, Cumberland, Wayne, and more.

Theatrical Lighting

Theatrical lighting in worship spaces highlights a speaker during a sermon or a homily while providing a sense of visibility, naturalism, composition, and mood. The primary objective of any theatrical lighting is to make sure everything happening is visible to the audience.

Performance Lighting

Performance lighting establishes mood and provides effect and accent with light concentrating on the stage and audience to punctuate the performance with rich color or intensity.

Studio Lighting

Properly lighting the subjects for camera recordings studio lighting is specifically for how cameras pick up light and make sure props and subjects near darkness are well lit. Studio lighting is also used to achieve the perfect white balance.

Key Areas to Light in Your Church

Lighting for church sanctuary depends on the key areas of activity. Our lighting professionals identify such areas to provide lighting solutions that maximize the benefits of low power consumption with a combination of LED lighting fixtures in each area.

Floor area

Essential for altar calls and lighting pastors and speakers leading the congregations, the floor area can be lit with PARs and Fresnels for an even wash light on large areas.

Preaching or Pulpit Area:

The preaching area is one of the key areas, and consistent lighting can be achieved with wash lights for a softer look to light the area used by the pastor or the speakers.

Performance Position

This area can be either mid-stage or downstage, depending on whether it’s a fixed pulpit, and can be lit with a wash light and profile fixtures. This lighting design provides isolation or a spotlight for intimate moments.

Band or orchestra

Most commonly, performances are placed upstage. The light design can light each band member while adding color with the front and back washed. This provides depth between layers.

Choir or Ensemble

To properly light up a choir or ensemble set on either side of the platform or placed above a loft, the lighting design ensures the choir’s faces are visible to the audience. For this purpose, wash lights can be used to create a softer feel.

Set design

Depending on your vision, idea, or message, lighting for set design includes architecture such as pillars, columns, or organ pipes which can be lit by pattern or gobos to create texture along with color washes. In contemporary houses of worship, lighting may include curtains, trussing, and set pieces that can be lit, combining static and moving luminaries.

Types of Luminaries

Various church lighting fixtures can be employed to enhance the worship experience. Learn more about them, and be sure to reach out to our lighting professionals at The Riley Group in Raleigh, NC, in Chatham, Harnett, Johnston, and other areas in North Carolina.


Depending upon your mounting location, application, and required light coverage, fresnels are wash lights used for an even wash across the platform. These lighting fixtures come in various sizes and output options, along with control over the diameter of the light beam from narrow to wide.


Profile luminaries, also commonly known as Ellipsoidals, are highly functional spot beams with superb definition and shape control over the beam pattern and focus. Its framing shutters control where the light goes.

Backdrop & Architectural

Cyclorama Luminaries are used to light up vertical surfaces like pillars. With high intensity, even wash light that covers the whole surface, these church lighting fixtures are carefully placed and oriented to achieve the perfect lighting.


Named after the Parabolic Aluminized Reflectors, modern LED PARS are wash lights with an intense circular pool of light along with electronic zoom, modern styling, and advanced color range capabilities.

Moving Head and Effects

Highly versatile, the moving head LED fixtures replace the conventional non-moving lights with unique visuals and mid-air effects, including a profile, wash, spot beam, and hybrid capability. Even better, special effect luminaries can also be installed for diverse looks and moods.

Studio Luminaries:

In the case of broadcasting events, studio luminaries are perfect for video shoots and provide soft, diffused lighting to ensure all camera footage looks smooth and natural.

To find other types of led lights for churches suitable for you, consult the John Riley Group for lighting solutions in Franklin, Person, Cumberland, and other areas in North Carolina.

Enhance Your Worship Experience

Lighting Professionals at the John Riley group use the latest LED technologies for church stage lighting on a budget in Edgecombe, Nash, Alamance, and other areas in North Carolina.

Front Lighting

Placed at an angle between 30-45 degrees, This type of lighting is commonly used for visibility and color to isolate an individual or a set prop.

Back Lighting

Similar to side lighting, light effects can be created by illuminating the back of the subject and creating depth on the stage. When used from lower angles, backlighting can also create silhouettes.


Shining down creates the illusion of depth and can isolate individuals in a worship band or a choir solo.

Background lighting

Used to create certain moods and styles, background lighting is brighter than the rest of the stage and is a bold style of lighting to create dynamic effects.

Effect lighting

Effect lighting can be used creatively to add dimensionality to the architecture of churches with mid-air beams of light. This type of lighting can also add texture and depth to a scene.

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Church lighting design is complex, and our professionals at The John Riley group offer a free consultation and a quote to understand your church lighting needs and provide energy-efficient solutions that employ the latest LED technologies to enhance the worship experience. Book a consultation today for contemporary church lighting in Edgecombe, Nash, and Alamance, and other areas in North Carolina.